30 Days No Sugar.

Who’s up for the challenge with me? 30 days no sugar….. sound hard? I guess it depends if you have a sweet tooth like I do! But I know I can do it and I’m always up for a challenge….even thought it may only be with myself!

I’m not depriving myself of all fruits and their natural sugars, but I am limiting myself to only having them on the weekends and keeping it to a minimum.

Ok who is on board? Lets do this together ūüôā Let me know your thoughts.

~ Your Health Dork ~


Lift Weights to Lift the Weight Off.

There is quite the misconception when it comes to lifting weights as a way to lose weight. A lot of people think that lifting weights will only bulk you up and for women that is usually something they want to stay far away from! There are a few reasons why pumping some iron can set you up to lose a few pounds.

Metabolic rate increases both short-term and long-term when lifting weights. Even hours after an intense weight workout your metabolic rate will increase. After some time of lifting weights you will achieve lean muscle mass, which in turn creates a permanent increase in your metabolism. Studies show that after an hour-long weight workout, on average, 100 extra calories are burned in the 24 hours after the workout has been completed. Increasing your metabolism is NEVER a bad thing so what are you waiting for?

Cardio is a great way to lose weight, but lifting weights will help you lose fat and in turn change your body composition. The number on the scale isn’t everything. Muscle is more dense than fat, but can¬†compress the same amount of weight into less space. So even if the scale isn’t changing quite as fast as you’d like, if you are successful in a weight training program your body composition¬†will show results. Toned muscles look better than¬†loose¬†fat any day!! Those jeans¬†you never thought you’d get back into will be getting compliments very soon!!!

Weight lifting can also help with some medical issues. The extra belly that some carry around can lead to such diseases as cancer or diabetes, but researchers have found lifting weights is better than cardio when trying to shrink the belly. A little time working your muscles is well worth it versus getting a bad report at the doctors office.

Muscles are amazing little body parts! They can eat up calories even when you aren’t working them out! How great is that to sit at your office desk, on an airplane, or on your couch and know you are shedding calories? Of course you have to put in the work before that’s all going to happen, sorry it’s not magic!¬†Change 10lbs¬†of fat to 10lbs of lean muscle and you’ll additionally burn more calories each day, not to mention your body composition will look phenomenal ūüôā

See you at the gym! Or even if you don’t belong to a gym find things in the house that can replace some dumbbells. Trust me I’m sure you have things around that can work….No Excuses!

~ Your Health Dork ~

The Mental Games

You may not want to believe it, but there is a good chance you are playing mental games with yourself when it comes to losing weight. All the negative talk going on inside your head can be a huge distraction and you don’t even know it. I can’t¬†do it, I’ll never be skinny, I give up… ever said those things to yourself? It’s those darn games.

Lets start with accepting the need to change. What do you need to change to get to your goal? It can be different for every one of you. Think about it for a minute, think hard. Do you need to change your food choices, eating patterns, or maybe your relationship with food? Now its the commitment to make those changes and we all know that part can be VERY hard! Commitment sounds so permanent, almost a little scary! But are the changes you want to make permanent changes or short-term? Here is where the mental part can come into play. You may want to drop 10lbs¬†in 2 months, short-term, but then what happens after that? Everything you did to drop those pounds goes out the door¬†and here come the 10lbs back! How about you say you want to drop 10lbs….period. No pressure with time and you may find yourself making a lifestyle change that was totally unexpected. The more pressure you place on yourself the more discouraged you will get and possibly give up.

Now take a look at what you have tried in the past. Did it work? I’m guessing it didn’t else you wouldn’t be here. So leave the past right where it is…..IN THE PAST!!¬†New start, new beginning, new things, new you! Now you need to figure out what is going to work for you. I can’t tell you what that is because I don’t know you ūüôā Everyone has different things going on in their lives. So here is where you have evaluate what is going on with you. Whatever you tried in the past don’t try again. If it didn’t work then why would it work now? There are many tools out there to help you get started. Just a couple of suggestions might be to clean out your kitchen. You know what is right and wrong as far as what you need to eat. And yes I said NEED, not WANT. Also keep yourself busy so you aren’t thinking about food all the time. Go for walk, meet a friend at the gym, read a book, take a yoga class, volunteer, and there are SO many more.

Make small changes as they are going to work better than changing everything in your life at once. Mentally you will be overwhelmed if you change too much too¬†fast. To be honest it might take you some time, days/weeks, to mentally prepare yourself to the changes and commitment you are planning to make. That’s ok, actually its perfect. If you aren’t mentally prepared for these changes then don’t plan on these changes sticking around.

Be honest with yourself. Why cheat yourself from a goal that you are reaching for SO badly? I can’t think of a single reason myself. Make an effort to change the negative talk going on inside your head to positive. Negative thoughts only create a negative vibe and who wants to be around that? Unhappy people will get unhappy results…. end of story.

~ Your Health Dork ~

Summer Fruits

Two words….. Farmers Market. Who doesn’t get excited to hit up the local farmers for their fresh produce? Nothing like fresh fruits and veggies!! Whether you plan to throw them in a recipe, grill them up, or snack on them raw they are simply irresistible!

I’m going to focus just on the fruits right now as I’ve heard some false info being tossed around. First of all, do you consider all fruits healthy? If you said yes then you are correct. There is a wide variety of health benefits linked to all different types of fruits. From the overwhelming amounts of antioxidants in berries to the positive effects papaya has on your digestive system, its countless.

So now I ask, would you ever think of a fruit to be unhealthy? I’m assuming majority of you are saying no… or maybe wondering why I am asking such a question. I’d never detour you from eating fruits, hey it’s better than a Snickers bar! But if you are focusing on losing a few lbs. then we need to look at the natural sugars each fruits contains.

Amount of sugar based on 100g portion size. 

Banana – 20g, Cherries – 13g, Pineapple/Apple – 12g, Orange -10g, Peach, Apricot, Watermelon, Papaya, Blackberry, Blueberry – 8g, Grapefruit – 6g, Strawberry – 5g.

Amount of calories based on 1/2 cup portion size.

Banana – 100, Blueberries – 84, Whole Grapefruit – 80, Pineapple – 75, Orange – 61, Papaya/Apple – 52, Strawberries – 50, Watermelon – 45, Apricot/Peach – 30, Cherries(3) – 5.

Fruits are amazing foods and OH SO GOOD!! Go get your week’s worth at the Farmer’s Market this next weekend and enjoy them before the summer gets away from us. Just keep in mind the above info to help make a better decision on exactly which fruits you are going to dive into. Maybe instead of 2 bananas today you’ll have one with a few strawberries. ¬†And don’t forget your veggies!!

~Your Health Dork~

PS. I wrote this blog last night and look what I see online today…. check it out!! http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20609990,00.html


I had a Bad Day.

No one is prefect…even if sometimes you may think you are pretty close ūüôā If you are starting the change to improve your lifestyle and want to lose weight don’t go into it with thoughts you will never eat another piece of candy, dessert, cheese dip, ect. The minute you tell yourself, for example, sugar is off-limits you will want it even more. Don’t deprive yourself of anything, you need to live your life. Of course moderation is key. Don’t eat the whole bag of M&Ms, take a few, enjoy them, get it out of your system, and move on.

Having a day consisting of poor eating choices can really get you down and in a bad mood. Remember this mood and how you felt. Try not to let yourself go back to that place. Starting your day off with bad choices doesn’t mean you have to end your day the same way. If you start getting into that mood again stop right then and there and make a change. Don’t let the whole day get away from you before you realize you just blew a whole day. You are in control of your day, you will never get that day back, so change it around ASAP!

Need a little¬†boost to get back on track in the middle of the day? Ask a friend to take a walk, go for coffee, read a book….anything to keep you busy and away from the kitchen. Get your mind off the first part of the day and move on. Google a motivational quote, some can really hit close to home for every single one of you. ASK ME! Tell me what’s going on and I’ll do my best to help you through the rest of your day!

When you go to bed that night, once you are at the end of your Bad Day, mentally prepare yourself for tomorrow. You are in control of what’s going to happen, make yourself proud, and kick your bad day to the curb. If you are a planner lay in bed and think of what you will eat for breakfast….even better lunch and dinner, snacks too. Don’t give yourself an option to have another bad day.

Remember we all have bad days. It happens. It’s ok. Hopefully not too often, but don’t give up when you do come across one. Put it in the past and move on to the future.

Bring on many, many GOOD DAYS!!!

~Your Health Dork ~

Breakfast: Yes or No?

We’ve all heard the saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Well I’ll go ahead and say, that is a fact! Growing up our parents may have said it, but at that time it pretty much went in one ear and out the other. This time without letting the info slip away lets take a look at some of the reasons this statement is true.

Energy. Your body and brain need energy to function, food is fuel. If you choose not to eat breakfast by the time lunch comes around you are probably feeling fatigued. There is also a better chance that once you do finally eat you will overeat and may not end up making the best choices. Vending machine around? You may be headed straight for it and we all know those things don’t have the healthiest of choices.

Weight Loss. The first time you eat something in the morning your metabolism has begun for the day! Who wouldn’t want that? As we get older our metabolism slows down, so why not do one simple thing for ourselves and get that back up to speed. What you choose to eat for breakfast is a different story. People who choose healthier options for breakfast tend to choose healthier options throughout their day.

Investment. This is your body that is with you forever, choose to take care of it. Certain illnesses are caused due to lack of nutrition, don’t let your body be one of them. Maybe you want to sleep that extra 10 minutes in the morning, but in the long run is that 10 minutes really going to matter? Cherish what you have been given, not everyone has the option of eating breakfast.

Maybe you do eat breakfast, pat yourself on the back, but if you don’t hopefully one of these reasons above will at least get you to reconsider. Breakfast is a FREE meal, why would anyone not take advantage of FREE?

It’s your choice. Now choose.

The Word Diet.

What does the word diet mean to you? Do you use the word daily? Weekly? Monthly? Have you ever been on a ‘diet’? Have you heard someone say they are on a ‘diet’?

Definition of Diet

a) food and drink regularly provided or consumed

b) habitual nourishment

c) the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for special reason

d) a regimen of eating and drinking sparingly so as to reduce one’s weight

Three out of the four definitions listed have a negative connotation. The first one is the only one that makes any sense. Do you want to get into a habit, have food prescribed, oreatsparingly? The simple day in and day out of eating can indeed be called your diet. But why not call it your lifestyle?

A lifestyle is a choice and that choice is made only by YOU!                       

The word diet is thrown around on a daily basis and truly is what some people live by.They start a new diet, it runs its course, then they fall off the wagon. A little time goes by and they start-up on the next newest diet they have heard about. Round and round they go on this vicious cycle. The first step to getting out of this cycle is by making a choice.

YOU make the choice to live a lifestyle!