I had a Bad Day.

No one is prefect…even if sometimes you may think you are pretty close 🙂 If you are starting the change to improve your lifestyle and want to lose weight don’t go into it with thoughts you will never eat another piece of candy, dessert, cheese dip, ect. The minute you tell yourself, for example, sugar is off-limits you will want it even more. Don’t deprive yourself of anything, you need to live your life. Of course moderation is key. Don’t eat the whole bag of M&Ms, take a few, enjoy them, get it out of your system, and move on.

Having a day consisting of poor eating choices can really get you down and in a bad mood. Remember this mood and how you felt. Try not to let yourself go back to that place. Starting your day off with bad choices doesn’t mean you have to end your day the same way. If you start getting into that mood again stop right then and there and make a change. Don’t let the whole day get away from you before you realize you just blew a whole day. You are in control of your day, you will never get that day back, so change it around ASAP!

Need a little boost to get back on track in the middle of the day? Ask a friend to take a walk, go for coffee, read a book….anything to keep you busy and away from the kitchen. Get your mind off the first part of the day and move on. Google a motivational quote, some can really hit close to home for every single one of you. ASK ME! Tell me what’s going on and I’ll do my best to help you through the rest of your day!

When you go to bed that night, once you are at the end of your Bad Day, mentally prepare yourself for tomorrow. You are in control of what’s going to happen, make yourself proud, and kick your bad day to the curb. If you are a planner lay in bed and think of what you will eat for breakfast….even better lunch and dinner, snacks too. Don’t give yourself an option to have another bad day.

Remember we all have bad days. It happens. It’s ok. Hopefully not too often, but don’t give up when you do come across one. Put it in the past and move on to the future.

Bring on many, many GOOD DAYS!!!

~Your Health Dork ~


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