Summer Fruits

Two words….. Farmers Market. Who doesn’t get excited to hit up the local farmers for their fresh produce? Nothing like fresh fruits and veggies!! Whether you plan to throw them in a recipe, grill them up, or snack on them raw they are simply irresistible!

I’m going to focus just on the fruits right now as I’ve heard some false info being tossed around. First of all, do you consider all fruits healthy? If you said yes then you are correct. There is a wide variety of health benefits linked to all different types of fruits. From the overwhelming amounts of antioxidants in berries to the positive effects papaya has on your digestive system, its countless.

So now I ask, would you ever think of a fruit to be unhealthy? I’m assuming majority of you are saying no… or maybe wondering why I am asking such a question. I’d never detour you from eating fruits, hey it’s better than a Snickers bar! But if you are focusing on losing a few lbs. then we need to look at the natural sugars each fruits contains.

Amount of sugar based on 100g portion size. 

Banana – 20g, Cherries – 13g, Pineapple/Apple – 12g, Orange -10g, Peach, Apricot, Watermelon, Papaya, Blackberry, Blueberry – 8g, Grapefruit – 6g, Strawberry – 5g.

Amount of calories based on 1/2 cup portion size.

Banana – 100, Blueberries – 84, Whole Grapefruit – 80, Pineapple – 75, Orange – 61, Papaya/Apple – 52, Strawberries – 50, Watermelon – 45, Apricot/Peach – 30, Cherries(3) – 5.

Fruits are amazing foods and OH SO GOOD!! Go get your week’s worth at the Farmer’s Market this next weekend and enjoy them before the summer gets away from us. Just keep in mind the above info to help make a better decision on exactly which fruits you are going to dive into. Maybe instead of 2 bananas today you’ll have one with a few strawberries.  And don’t forget your veggies!!

~Your Health Dork~

PS. I wrote this blog last night and look what I see online today…. check it out!!,,20609990,00.html



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