It’s only the beginning…..

I’m beginning a new journey and couldn’t be more excited about it! I hope some of you will come along for the ride. There is so much to learn, share, experience, and conquer to mention a few.

You may wonder what I’m doing on here first of all and that’s a great question. I started out with millions of questions to myself wondering exactly what I wanted to bring to this blog. I’m simply here to help.

In my years on this Earth I have managed to do a few things. Moved to 4 different states(not alot compared to some I’m sure), complete 2 half marathons, 3 full marathons, went in and out of relationships, struggled with weight, traveled to a couple different countries, and so on and so on. Probably a little boring to read I’m sure,  pretty simple to say the least.

My focus is to help. I have seen many friends and family members struggle though things and it devastates me. Weight seems to be the winner though and continues for so many. I’m not going to preach that I know everything about losing weight, but from what I have experienced, read, and seen for myself I feel I have a decent amount of knowledge on the topic.

There is a brilliant amount of info on the internet, in books, and experts themselves, but the one things I see alot is everybody is put into the same category. Well hate to say it, but not a single person is the same as the next. With that being said what works for one person isn’t going to work for the next. I’m sure you have all heard that way too many times to count already.

I’m here to help you with YOU! Please ask me anything! If I don’t know, I’ll find out. PROMISE!


3 thoughts on “It’s only the beginning…..

  1. You are so right about that. No two people are the same. I don’t like the word diet, but I am struggling with weight issues. I try to eat right. My upper stomach is my worst burden. I look as if I’m having a baby. Hate it! What do you think….

    • Hey girl! I’m going to do my best to help you 🙂 You want to do me a favor and say over the next 3 days try and write down everything you eat? No cheating either! Tmw might be hard being a holiday, so maybe start Thurs. We can discuss more at work on some things. Do you have a goals as to where you want to be?

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