Plan Ahead.

A lifestyle change isn’t going to just happen overnight. There needs to be some planning involved and some mental preparation. Are you ready for it? Of course you are…. If you want it bad enough it’s all up to you! Planning is going to create new habits, better habits! It’s going to make things a lot easier and less stressful. You may be thinking I’m crazy for saying that, but after some time you will see for yourself. Disciplined people are the ones who are successful when losing weight and keeping it off. It takes effort to succeed in a challenge. No one said losing weight was easy, if it was everyone would look like professional athletes or supermodels!

Planning ahead and staying on a schedule can keep your blood sugar steady, which can help keep the hunger headaches away, and keep you from feeling extremely hungry or fatigued. When you experience any of these feelings there is a good chance once you do eat you will overeat. When you deprive your body of food it goes into hunger mode. Once you do eat something it will store it away as fat because it doesn’t know when it will receive food again. Also your metabolism doesn’t work correctly and once you do eat something you will end up gaining weight.

Planning ahead can take a little extra time and preparation, but your life is well worth it. In the evenings plan what your meals and snacks will be for the following day. Especially if you are gone all day you need to pack snacks, meals, ect. so you are able to eat when you want and eat exactly what you want. If you are prepared and end up getting hungry you will just eat anything in sight, healthy or not. Everyone has different schedules so someone who works 8-5 will have to prepare differently than someone who is a stay at home parent or simply just works from home.

Exercise is the same way. If you don’t plan ahead to go to the gym, yoga, fitness class, whatever it is you do then there is a chance you may not go. If someone mentioned going to happy hour would you go? Did you have plans to workout? If you didn’t then you probably would go have a drink or two. But if you had plans to workout you might stick to your guns and go get your sweat on! Again discipline plays a big part in all this, even exercise.

~ Your Health Dork ~


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